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Who is Montage?

Montage is a global IT staffing, business and technology consulting company founded over 15 years ago and the creator of the industry’s first “Satisfaction-based Pricing Model…you don’t pay until we deliver to your satisfaction.”

Montage has a long and successful history delivering prompt, cost effective and tailored technology solutions to clients large and small, corporate and government, domestic and international and in multiple business sectors.

Montage employs a truly unique engagement model and strives to make the complex…simple! Simply put, we are easy to do business with and will deliver on all promises.

Our proprietary “Montage Approach” continues to prosper with a proven blueprint for success:

  • The industry’s finest IT talent readily available, any time zone, any model, 24/7
  • A proven expert, agile project management-based methodology
  • Technology neutrality focused on a truly tailored client solution
  • String, global readily-accessible strategic partners
  • Client Success Guarantee - the industry’s first PRICE GUARANTEE…you pay only when satisfied

Absolutely. We are confident in our ability to deliver on our promises based on a long history of success in multiple markets and sectors. We take the time to craft accurate requirements and our world-class technology professionals focus accordingly. If we promise it, we deliver it.

The best way is to complete our “RISK FREE ASSESSMEN”.. We will contact you immediately and spend the necessary time and effort to understand your project and propose a cost-effective solution specific to your environment. You can be assured you will receive prompt, professional and expert attention to your specific needs…GUARANTEED!

Yes. If we don’t have the necessary resources in-house to meet your requirements, we then can access our global strategic partner network as part of our team, same guarantee always applies!

All. Montage is technology-neutral and has delivered resources and solutions regardless of legacy technology. We simply define your exact requirements, match them to our resource pool, and seamlessly deliver a solution specific to your needs and environment. We do not endear ourselves to any specific technology, we work for your needs.

Yes. A senior Consultant will guide you initially as we define the project scope, project plan and requirements. You are then assigned a professional Project Manager who is accountable to you to deliver on all promises, always with our satisfaction-based pricing guarantee.

We simply require you to be available to define the project scope and/or make the necessary SME’s available, so we can precisely define the requirements. Once the project is launched, we offer you full transparency to our progress as well as a tailored communication schedule that meets your needs. When each deliverable is completed and approved by you, then we bill for that deliverable for your approval and payment processing.

Our “DSM Montage Approach” accommodates any or all of these communication vehicles that meets your needs and schedule. You always have access to Montage, however you prefer to initiate, launch, communicate and manage progress of your project.

The pricing model is based around our “Satisfaction Guarantee”. We spend the time and effort necessary to accurately scope your project, regardless of size, and give you fixed price based on the project scope. You only pay AFTER you have accepted and approved each deliverable. Our rates are cost effective, competitive and include our full array of support to ensure your success.

Yes, at every step of the project. We give you full transparency online as well as scheduled debriefs at your required time intervals and preferred communication method. This gives you the opportunity to approve the progress, provide input, make any changes and feel totally comfortable in your investment.

Yes. Our global resource network allows us to provide you the service and results you require 24/7 regardless of time zone.

All types. For over 15 years Montage has successfully executed staffing, business and technology projects of all sizes, domestic and international, corporate and government, and all business sectors. Our expert project management approach and highly-trained professional team allows us to scope any type of project, develop accurate requirements, price cost effectively and deliver on all promises on time, on budget and on point.

All skill levels. If our extensive onsite professional resources are not what you need, our global resource network allows us to source your specific requirements promptly and cost effectively and, of course, backed by our industry first “Satisfaction Guarantee.”. If you’re not happy with the resource within first week, we will immediately replace that resource at no charge.

Yes. Whatever your business need, we are prepared to deliver the right resource, at the right time, with the right skill set, always at the right price. Options include:

  • . Temporary Resources
  • . Contract-to-Hire Resources
  • . Permanent Resources
  • . Remote Resources

Yes. Our unique “Office Anywhere” program is a great way to reduce time, expense and headaches for yourcompany.

The model has proven its usefulness in the public and private sector, large and small companies, multiple business sectors and is poised to become even a more desirable as IT pressures continue to mount and infrastructure becomes more burdensome.

Technology changes rapidly and to keep current requires money, time, human capital, steep learning curves, and in most cases, significant hardware expenses. To combat these challenges, organizations are moving their IT environment move to a hosted platform.

Our Office Anywhere is a “private” 24/7 data center that is exclusive to YOU and with YOU at all times. Whether you are in the office, in your car, or on an airplane, Office Anywhere is “at the ready” from any internet access point. Montage will host your sensitive data with reliable security, constant monitoring, full back up and recovery, as well as complete virus protection.